Little Heart

by Riese

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released March 10, 2016

Performed and produced by Riese Meyers.

Written by Riese Meyers except for "You Won't See Me", written by Lennon-McCartney.

Backup vocals on "Used Up" by Ella Meyers



all rights reserved


Riese Seattle, Washington

Hey, I try to make good music and that's about it. Whaddaya think??

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Track Name: Guy
guy guy
guy guy guy guy
guy guy
guy guy guy guy
guy guy
guy guy guy guy
guy guy guy guy
Track Name: The News
What's the buzz tell me what's the news
just because you and i are through
doesn't mean there's no one waiting in the wings
they don't have personality but they''ve got lots of things

that's the news that i'm tellin you
that's the news that we're broadcasting now

what's the news tell me what's the deal
is it true is the feeling real
was it wrong when you flew away
are you back are you hear to stay
in my home which is the lap of luxury
that's a very privileged circumstance in which to be

one piece of clothing worn
one article on page four
a picture's worth a thousand words
so i wrote ten thousand and some more
Track Name: Mr. Moneygrab's Song
Oh i do not care about your whole affair
don't care about what you need
all that i know is just money and gold
i'm entirely driven by greed

some say that's too simple a motive
and tell me i'm too flat
well i say back "blat blat blat blat"
so what do ya think about that\

i'll steal the cash from a rich man
and i'll steal the cash of the poor
whichever you are for me there's no bar
it's your money i'm looking for

oh when i see AD&D
the alignments they have do not agree
chaotic or lawful it is all just awful
cuz only cash matters to me
Track Name: Drink Up Buttercup
aren't you thirsty
strolling through the grassy fields where
nothing's ever new
she's got no idea that theres
other things to do

skipping to a dewstream that
the mushrooms clutter round
she bows her head and like a cat
laps up the water she found

now she sees me
oh i'm waiting
in my mind motivating
no other so captivating

so drink up buttercup i don't wanna see
you fall in the river cuz you're beautiful to me
i find you so enticing but by sheer force of will
i'll stay right in these bushes until you've had your fill

drink up buttercup i'll watch you day by day
i'll hide just out of sight so that i don't get in your way
my inner creep confines me to the edge of my seat
and every morning like a clock the ritual repeats

the water falls into a lake
and thins into a stream
i'm keeping quiet for your sake
for me it's all a dream

i wake up in my bed from
that blissful revery
with you inside my head
i know i'll always be

in my daydreams
Track Name: Little Heart
I don't know what It's thinking about my little heart
There's a moment somewhere when it starts
Thinking bout you thinking bout me
all i know with certainty is
I want you though it's blasphemy
says the heart
I want you and it's simple to see
right from the start
It's hard to say
but my little heart'll think it anyway so
(take it into consideration)
my heart my little heart my
heart my little heart
Track Name: Herbert Khaury
no lyrics
Track Name: Blue Angle
(improvised lyrics)
Track Name: Used Up
long ago the distant bowl released the ball of death
purple circles fell and rolled now there's nothing left
i'm used up / i'm used up

total mental overload at the mess she made
looking for someone to hold and make it all fade
i'm used up / i'm used up

someone needs to do me in
before i lose the will to win
take me off the summit
toss me in the pit
i'm so bloated i should quit

far away and past the bay i took a higher road
soaking up the water drops i needed nice and cold
i'm used up / i'm used up

i laid down flat and that was that my service was complete
but on that patch i saw the catch altough the ground was neat
i was used up / so used up
Track Name: This Guy
There's a guy who doesn't follow the rules
I don't mind when he calls em all fools
Still I find there's a wasted resource
the guy is kind of perfect of course
he took a sip from a drinking fountain
i opened my mouth to explain about when
i met him first but i might change my mind
then i let it out and now he's takin his time (with)

this guy (does he have the answer)

now he wants to know when i come back from class
what i meant and so i feel like an ass
but what's the point i don't know how to try
and even if i did would i still have a chance with
this guy
Track Name: Moleman
the moles get smarter the deeper you go underground
i am mole and man there's no other smart as me around
i'm getting glimpses giving the sun a shot
rise above the surface view a battle being fought

(mole mole mole mole man)
(moleman's got the master plan and that's me but i can't see
with my blind eyes how it fits so perfectly
Track Name: Crispin Glover
S: Somewhere there's a thin man and he's coming after you
E: I don't wanna face him I don't know what he will do
S: Please put on your long fall boots this hole is very deep
E: Why you gotta wake me from my cyrogenic sleep
S: Something odd is happening it's giving you a fright
E: But from some point of reference it's really a delight
S: When they make the movie do you know who'll get the role
E: It's Crispin Glover playing and you know he's in control
E:Now you see it's time for me to give you all the clues
S: Doing that won't change the fact that in the end you choose
E: I guess I prioritize responsibility
S: Meanwhile I can help you be all you are meant to be
E: You're telling me your concern or my health wasn't an act
S: Losing you would not help me so you know it's a fact
E: Thanks for your cocern you introduce our next guest
S: It's Crispin Glover back again you know he does it best
Track Name: Referential Rap (EXPLICIT)
this verse is ridiculous
imma lyrical recivdivist
if my flow gives me cysts
i'll pop em quick like this

you witness no fucks
i'm givin no luck
i'm spittin right now so you can
find outhow my writtens twice as loud

as the freestyle
but i can't perform
to the beat while everybody's eyes are drawn
so i'll panic say some stupid shit i ran with
while the other mc chokes me out like a damn sith

oh damn made a deep cut
so i say but
that'll be the highest grosser going by the gut
so if i'm gonna reference some shit i'll bring it to ya
like the OGs said yo i'm gonna school ya

i drop rhymes like gruntilda
you can be my kazooie
or you can do a barrel roll
if you think that game's screwy

but i'm so slippy i'm like toad
gettin caught in this bitch
so it's a good thing peach's
unseen daddy is rich

i go hard like sam and max
when they hit the road
and i watch rick and morty
cuz that's a good show
and then i'll flip to penn and teller
travis and old yeller
aw shit poor feller
those are good duos

i can trade shoutouts with the worst of them
the durst of them then go with a burst of fun
when i shock em like pichu my machu will beatchu
if my main can use fly then i always can reach you

so fuck a trainer entertainer when they try to knock me off my bike
i'm going thirty miles an hour but they do what they like
but now i'm going slower and i'm runnin out of steam
i'll catch my breath in the chorus or so it'll seem

i'd call myself a beatlemaniac
if john and george came back i'd have a heart attack
but whichever one you favor i've got a rhyme to savor
cuz i long for songs not sung by hacks

if john is your guy you can see piggies fly
cuz i am the walrus and the walrus is i
i wanna see ya come together for a revolution
you under the weather dr. robert's got solutions

here sadie he's gonna prescribe you a pill
remember the story of bungalow bill
imagine if you
and julia too
could cry baby cry for the fool on the hill

which brings us to paul his record don't stall
if it's honey pie playin he's waiting to call
hello goodbye sayin to the man in the stall
on the penny lane pavement hey judey don't fall

take a sad song for no one and tell me who you wrote it for
maybe for a woman by the name of rigby, eleanor
let the blackbird fly if raccoon is your guy
cuz paul isn't dead and he ain't gonna die

george my boy have you paid the taxman
the axe man would love you to ask man
your guitar is weeping but i'm smiling wide
cuz within you without you i'm happy inside

aw shit now i finally get to ringo
a dingo flamingo whichever fuckin thingo
ate my list of his songs i beg your pardon
just don't pass by an octopus's garden
Track Name: Brian Epstein
What do you give to the man with everything he's got?
I implore you.
Track Name: North
showin off your back tat
of skulls and trees
maybe something you lack
or not

I don't care about that
you lied to me
more than just a setback

going so smoothly
though you barely knew me
that night we talked a lot

i'm in the wastebin
know what i'm thinkin
course not you musta forgot

now we're goin

north north north north
Feels like a magnet pulling me forth

kicking all the snow off
your socks are soaked
i'll go and fetch you new ones
for now

maybe not the best spot
for anyfolk
but i can hide from the sun
here's how